JETAA Ottawa’s FREE Movie Night: Restaurant From The Sky

JETAA Ottawa in collaboration with The Japan Foundation is holding a FREE moving night. The dates/times are below as follows.

Friday, November 3, 6:59 PM (Atlantic) to Monday, November 6, 12:59AM (Atlantic).
Friday, November 3, 5:59 PM (Eastern) to Sunday, November 5, 11:59PM (Eastern).
Friday, November 3, 4:59 PM (Central) to Sunday, November 5, 10:59PM (Central).
Friday, November 3, 3:59 PM (Mountain) to Sunday, November 5, 9:59PM (Mountain).
Friday, November 3, 2:59 PM (Pacific) to Sunday, November 5, 8:59PM (Pacific).

You have register to the get the free movie pass for these times. Registration and the movie screening link can found here:

JETAA Ottawa’s event page for this event:

理は、 妻のこと絵、一人娘の潮莉とのしあわせな家族 3 人暮らし。自然に寄り添った食
つく。それは、せたなの おいしいもの を広く届けるため、一日限定のレストランを開く

Wataru lives happily with his wife, Kotoe, and daughter, Shiori, in Setana,
Hokkaido. He runs a cheese factory and raises cattle on a ranch with a view
of the ocean that he inherited from his father. His cheese-making skills are still mediocre, so he is constantly getting scolded by his strict master. But Wataru enjoys a good life with a group of like-minded friends that are always there for each other. Then Kanbe, a young shepherd from Tokyo, joins their circle, and the friends find pleasure in “good food” that they produce themselves and share with one another. Then one day, a chef from a famous restaurant in Sapporo, who is attracted by their food, pays them a visit. They are ecstatic that their products are made even more delicious by this chef, and together they start planning a one -day- only restaurant to spread their joy to other people.

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